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Susan has always been a spiritually curious person, drawn to nature and the healing arts since childhood.


She pursued a career in nursing and also explored other healing methods like yoga and Eastern medicine. This led her to start a hypnotherapy practice that served many for years. During her catch-up meetings with clients, she discovered her passion for coaching.

Back then, life coaches weren’t really heard of but Susan realized that coaching was what she had been doing all along!


She loves nothing more than to help people and support them in their journey of self-discovery and self-care. Susan feels fortunate to watch her clients discover their true selves and evolve into the person they desire to be.

Susan is a born New Englander and enjoys nature in all four seasons. You can often find her outdoors with her partner, hiking, biking, or taking photos of nature. She believes in seizing the moments we are given and living life without regret.


Join Susan on the journey towards self-discovery and let her support you in unlocking your true potential.


Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor
Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor


To support clients and create their desired state of being.

We value integrity, spirituality, and transparency.

We believe helping clients to reach their goals and dreams creates an exponential effect for good in the world.


To empower individuals to unlock their full potential and live their best lives through transformative coaching and self-discovery.

Group Hike
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