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Meet Susan

I have always been a spiritually curious person, attuned to nature and the healing arts since I was a little girl. My desire to be a healer manifested in my pursuing nursing as a career, but I also was drawn to other healing methods like yoga and Eastern medicine. Born out of this desire was a hypnotherapy practice that served many for years. In the process of my practice, I always had a catch-up meeting with my clients which became like coaching sessions.

Back then, life coaches weren’t really heard of but imagine my surprise when I realized I had been doing coaching all along!

I love nothing more than to help people and especially supporting them to heal themselves by embracing self-discovery and self-care- methods. I feel so fortunate to be able to watch clients discover their true selves and evolve to the person and circumstance they desire.

I'm a born New Englander, loving nature in all her four seasons. I can be found outdoors with my honey; hiking, biking or taking photos of nature. I believe in seizing the moments we are given and living without regret.

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